Clinical social work is more than a mere mental health, human social service profession. It is more than a science. Defying formulas and theorems, clinical social work is ultimately an intense human encounter. Both client and practitioner must always meet empathetically, as in Martin Buber's "I-Thou" relationship, where the heart of clinical social work practice is found.
         A group of clinical social work practitioners, dedicated to the above, needs a specific and strong professional association to address concerns emerging from this imperative. CSWA satisfies these needs by advocating for the best interests of the profession of clinical social work and our clients/patients. Our clinical focus allows us to take forceful and unified positions regarding high standards for clinical practice and education, ethics, licensure, clinical graduate curricula and development of high quality state and federal legislation to benefit clients and clinical social workers.
          The Clinical Social Work Association makes positive things happen for clinical social workers. With sensitive and intelligent appraisals of what needs to be done, competent, effective and committed professional leadership, CSWA always works for high clinical standards and practice. We deplore national trends in all fields, including social work, toward lowering education and training standards. CSWA strongly rejects the "great dumbing-down of America", along with the ignorant and expedient premise that clinical, health and social services are best delivered by the least trained and lowest bidders.
          Virginia Satir, clinical social worker and renowned family therapist, once described any person or system that is vital and dynamic as "JUICY". By that definition, the Clinical Social Work Association is very 'juicy' indeed!

 F.Douglas Stephenson, LCSW, BCD


If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of membership in the CSWA, we encourage you to think about Doug Stephenson's observations and ask yourself if you think these issues are of importance to you.  The CSWA works on your behalf to advocate for the needs of clinical social workers in  legislative, social, educational and clinical practice areas.  We are dedicated to helping clinical social workers have a voice in the social work community and helping to sustain clinical social work as a valuable practice area in our field.

As a member of the CSWA, you will be eligible to receive important clinical updates from our newsletter and Clinical Dialog, our monthly interactive magazine.  We are focused on bringing you the best in clinical practice articles and media coverage.  We are also constantly monitoring and assessing the legislative landscape to see where the role of the clinical social worker may be impacted and how we can best preserve our practice standards for our clients.  This is an ever-changing field that has been heightened by the recent changes in healthcare.  We closely monitor congressional bills that affect clinical social work practice and post regular updates on our website.  Finally, our Helpline offers members valuable assistance in questions pertaining to practice issues, ranging from forensic concerns to credentialing to clinical dilemmas.

We are focused, involved and dedicated to the interests of clinical social work.  Please join us in preserving the profession of clinical social work by registering for this website and adding your name to the list of clinical social workers who are currently part of our growing membership.  We value your support and want to continue to represent your interests.

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Legislative Alerts

  • 05/08/2015 - 10:21pm

     We were glad to note this month that NASW is joining us in pursuing our goals for Medicare parity. The more the social work community is united on legislative goals that benefit all LCSWs and our patients, the more successful we are likely to be.