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Oppose BCRA in Senate! - 7-14-17

14 Jul 2017 7:43 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)

Dear CSWA Members,

We are approaching our final chance to stop the Better Care Reconciliation Act. Even if you have called the Senators listed below, please call them again to oppose this bill.  The CBO score will come out on Monday, July 17, and the bill will be voted on Tuesday, July 18.

Please review the issues which I sent out in my posts of June 12 and June 19 which detail how these bills are harmful to people with mental health needs including the possible loss of essential benefits, including mental health and substance use for states who choose waivers to Medicaid; the extreme cuts to Medicaid, with the bulk of lost insurance being people covered by Medicaid; and the end of required coverage for pre-existing conditions for state that choose waivers for Medicaid.

Also – please call Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) to thank her for her principled opposition to this bill at (202) 224-2523.

The main political issue is whether there are three senators willing to vote against this deeply flawed bill.  We need to continue to oppose this bill with the senators who are wavering on their vote, mainly the more moderate Republicans.

Here is the message I am suggesting with the contact information for these Senators:

Call these Senators today to ask them to oppose the AHCA without protections for substance use disorders and mental health.

A list of key decision-making Senators to call is below:  

Sample call script:

I am a constituent [if you are] and a member of the Clinical Social Work Association. Please oppose the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 which will not protect the coverage needed for mental health disorders, substance use disorders, and will severely cut Medicaid coverage. These policies would increase costs for everyone by increasing the use of emergency rooms and law enforcement as the place that these disorders will be addressed. BCRA will cause emotional suffering for those who need help. [Your name, degree, contact information]

If you wish to contact other Republican Senators, you can do so by going to where you will find all the phone numbers for U.S. Senators.

One other way to oppose this bill is to contact your Governor and ask your Governor to let your state’s senators know that your Governor opposes this bill.  The same message can be used.

As always, let me know when you have sent messages.

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Garrisonville, Virginia  22463

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