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CSWA Update: Meetings in DC - October 1 - 5, 2015

07 Oct 2015 9:36 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)


DHHS Office of Evaluation and Planning

  • CSWA provided better understanding of clinical social work practice
  • DHHS wants to know why LCSWs opting out of Medicare
  • DHHS suggested that CSWA encourage LCSWs to see Medicaid as well as Medicare patients
  • Supportive and enlightening exchange

Meeting at Senator Stabenow’s Office

  • Bill being proposed.  Senator wanted CSWA’s input
  • Major disagreement over increasing reimbursement rates from 85% instead of 100%.  The Senator and her staff believe that asking for 100% reimbursement will kill the Bill at this point.
  • Looking for a Republican Sponsor (especially from the Finance Committee)
  • Wants CSWA support for the Bill which includes 10% reimbursement increase for LCSWs, return to independent practice in Medicare Part A as well as inclusion of E & M codes.
  • CSWA supporting Bill as “first step” effort

White House Domestic Economic Policy Council

  • Rescheduled due to Pres. Obama’s requiring all Council Secretaries’ presence at WH meeting
  • This meeting will take place in the near future

*CSWA Board Meeting

  • Very productive all day meeting with presentations from each Board  and Staff member as well as Clinical Dialog Editor, Gail Nagle; CSWA Newsletter Editor, Eric Huffman; Board Liaison to CSWE, Liz Alvarado; and CSWA Accountant, Debbie Sabean
  • Efforts towards a stronger presence in DC are in the making!  More to come.

*CSWA State Affiliate Summit

  • All Board members and staff hosted representatives from 8 out of the 17 State Affiliates at the Summit. 
  • Bad weather prohibited travel for some. 
  • Three new state affiliates were added this past year and 3 more state Societies are still being encouraged to affiliate in the future.  That would complete the 20 State Societies that are still operating.
  • Nancy Harrington and Steve Szopa from the Greater Washington Society (who hosted a lovely reception the night before for everyone) joined us, again, this year as did Joel Kanter from AAPCSW, Marsha Wineburgh from New York,  Diane Frankel from Pennsylvania, Lynda Tate from South Carolina, and Lynn Houck Hefetz from North Carolina.  
  • New faces to the Summit included Judy Gallant from Greater Washington, Britni Brown and Stacie Fitzgerald from Georgia, Jodi Hogue from Missouri and Shannon Boyle from New York.  Board members Michael Rose and Susanna Ward represented Arizona and Kentucky this year. 
  • The “trade show” was fun, but State reports and exchange of information from state to state, state to national, and national to state carried the day.  The meeting was informative, inspiring, and enlightening.  What an awesome group.  CSWA hopes that ALL state Societies can be represented next year!

*CSWA/NASW Leadership Collaboration Meeting

  • Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) signed and shared
  • Monthly legislative team conferences to occur
  • Increased leadership communication established
  • Potential CSWA participation in NASW 2016 National Conference discussed
  • CSWA invited NASW leadership to next Board meeting luncheon in DC
  • NASW offered support regarding greater CSWA presence in DC
  • CSWA discussed upcoming Stabenow Medicare Bill.  Joint statement upon release of the Bill being developed.

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