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  • 05 Feb 2018 12:12 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)

    Resistance to homework can really slow progress in counseling. Some of that resistance is a result of our selection process and our follow through regarding discussion of outcome of those task assignments. Do we make a good enough case for its purpose? Do we make sure the assignment is clear in its directions? Have we tested it with others to see where the glitches might be?  Read on for some good tips.

  • 03 Jan 2018 3:35 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)

    Buddhism has been studying the mind for 2500 years, neuroscience for quite a few less.  Are both coming to the same conclusions?  Does meditation play the same role as cognitive therapy? Read on for a very through discourse on the discoveries of each.

  • 03 Jan 2018 3:33 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)

    Listen to this perspective of connection from the POV of introverts. Are they isolationist? Or are they inclusive in ways that we haven't been recognized.

  • 03 Jan 2018 3:32 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)

    Watching our boundaries, not overstepping, realizing the power imbalance: has been a part of each of our training. Have we gone to far? Is there a time when reaching out serves both the client and the therapist. Read on and wrestle with the action.

  • 11 Dec 2017 12:32 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)

    Surprisingly, sub-clinical eating disordered behaviors occur in as many males as females. However males risk of mortality is higher than females. Treatment must be geared to differences in male body image, focused on leanness and muscularity.

  • 11 Dec 2017 12:29 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)

    Therapists strive to be accepting but sometimes our own issues interfere with our development. Our society stigmatizes those who are obese. Read this painful narrative about one of our own dealing with his fat bias.

  • 11 Dec 2017 12:22 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)

    Some startling statistics are being collected from our population regarding disordered eating. Conceived as a young woman’s disease, it was expanded to include young men. Now, data indicates that thirteen percent of middle aged women suffer from body dysmorphia.  Bulimia, which is more difficult to identify is found in this group. 

    Read on for more information on this important work.

  • 08 Nov 2017 4:42 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)

    It is important as you deal with the issue of a subpoena, that you carefully consider the aspect of informed consent. Having a release from the client to supply records and testimony isn't always enough. Does the client understand what full disclosure might entail? Does he/she have the awareness to appreciate the level of information that might be shared?  Read on for how to temporize the ethical risks in this process.

  • 01 Nov 2017 4:41 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)

    During the course of your career, a subpoena most likely will be presented to you to disclose information regarding your client. The most important response is, don't ignore it.  You have a requirement to reply and the nature of your response is predicated on a number of factors.  Ignorance of these factors won't get you a reprieve. Read on for a discussion of the protocols to utilize.

  • 01 Nov 2017 4:40 PM | CSWA Administrator (Administrator)

    Very provocative article on treatment of children with and without parental consent. Issues such as the revocation of consent and the decision to persist in the treatment of the child are fully explored.  The nature of the law varies from state to state and calls for each of the readers to go to your licensing website and discover, what are the regulations in your jurisdiction.

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