Clinical Dialog

Clinical Dialog is a monthly posting of articles from social media that are found in the Members Only section of this website.  Articles may be drawn from varying sources and cover a wide range of topics from practice issues, to clinical concerns, to social/economic matters that affect clinical social workers.

The articles allow members to post comments/reflections and create dialogue with one another.  This is intended to open discussion and generate thoughtful participation and sharing of relevant information.

Examples of some of the interesting posts that are included in this section follow.

Erotic Transference

‘It all boils down to sex, doesn’t it?’ Or does it? Read this article for an up to date appraisal of love relationships between therapist and client by a leading psychoanalyst, Glen Gabbard.

Termination and Countertransference

Abrupt terminations spark reactions in therapists. How we decide to move forward both with the client and with ourselves holds tremendous potential for growth. Take time to read and reflect on the following article.

Is DBT the Only Effective Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder?

Researched, reviewed and recommended dialectical behavior therapy has been heralded as the method. Read this article for research comparing a year long study contrasting general psychiatric management and DBT. Pay attention to how psychiatric management is defined.

The May 2012 posting of Clinical Dialog articles include:

Shame and Empathy:  Dr. Brene Brown has delved into the relationship between shame and empathy and come up with some interesting perspectives, all very useful in doing therapy.

Are You in the Cloud?:  This article explores how storing any information about clients electronically leaves us open to disclosure.  The author takes a look at what individuals and organizations can do to protect themselves.

The Dark Side of Therapy:  This article explores how we see our work and its effect on self esteem.

These are just a sample of the many articles that are currently on the website and available to you as a member of CSWA.  Please click on the JOIN NOW button to receive the benefit of membership and access to the full range of articles chronicled in the Members Only section of Clinical Dialog.

Legislative Alerts

  • 05/08/2015 - 10:21pm

     We were glad to note this month that NASW is joining us in pursuing our goals for Medicare parity. The more the social work community is united on legislative goals that benefit all LCSWs and our patients, the more successful we are likely to be.