Clinical Social Work Practice and Regulation: An Overview

This eye-opening, often dismaying, thoroughly researched, wake-up call to the clinical social work profession is "must reading" for all clinical social workers, all social work associations, graduate schools of social work, social work licensing boards and the Council on Social Work Education.

For years, in Clinical Social Work Society newsletters and on listservs, this reviewer has been reading of the frustrations of clinical social workers about how they are portrayed in the media and perceived by other mental health disciplines and the general public. Discussions then ensue about how to change these perceptions. Prescriptions usually include public education, advocacy, and changing how we perceive and present ourselves to others.

Laura Groshong, in Clinical Social Work Practice and Regulation: An Overview, has taken a deeper look into the framework of our identity. She has identified significant shortcomings and confusing variations across state lines in our licensure laws and regulations. She notes lack of standards for clinical social work training and education from the Council on Social Work Education and, thereby, in our licensure laws. Because state licensure defines clinical social work, its scope of practice and criteria for licensure, this book becomes a framework for delineating the state of clinical social work and offers a studied explanation about why the profession still struggles with image problems, identity issues, and status concerns. Groshong presents a disturbing account of the confused and disordered state of the profession and offers a roadmap of recommendations to move us forward. This study is based on the author's extensive research, her experience as a lobbyist for a national social work organization  (Clinical Social Work Association) for over ten years, and her experience in her own clinical social work practice.

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The above excerpt was taken from an article written for the Clinical Social Work Association newsletter, access, winter, 2009, by Patricia Baker, PhD.

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